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Strength workout and Cardio-Training
Strength workout and Cardio-Training
Cardio-training is a practice performed on a bike, indoors or outdoors, because it is the most suitable excercise for fat loss.

This training aims to improve the cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory capacities and can also be developed on a step or a rowing machine. Cardio-training is used for a slimming program.

The key to success is the cardiac intensity. No matter your level, you just have to work at the right intensity to have good results. Your heart rate is measured with a Cardio-frequency meter and the number of pulses per minute not to be exceeded will be calculated by ELITE FITNESS according to your age and your weight.

Strength workout will help you to get a toned body, strong and healthy and also to build a better silhouette.
ELITE FITNESS provides the most suitable material, in its centers and at home with mail order selling.