A new slimness approach to avoid counting calories !
ELITE FITNESS gives you different shrewd advices on your daily food hygiene. We create your personalized check-up and guide you to the best way to slim down and get fit.

This personalized solution begins with a blood test and its reactivity to 115 foods. This analysis will detect foods that trigger an inflammatory reaction during digestion and the passage of unwanted agents into the bloodstream, two factors that make you put weight on.
The results of the test produce 4 lists of foods classified by a color code. Foods in green are those you can eat without restriction. The yellow, orange and red ones caused an inflammatory reaction respectively of low, medium or high density. Thus, by respecting this charter, the weight loss is automatic from the first days.

Depending on your personal check-up, ELITE FITNESS will advise you to adopt a balanced and varied diet every day.