Our slimness and beauty cares

Elite Fitness gives you access to very efficient methods using the latest technologies; always without pain nor surgery. Our cares will help you to lose fat and get rid of cellulite to get the silhouette that suits you the best.
Get rid of cellulite
Lose weight
Erase stretch marks
Gain a cup size


A new technology in France that melts away fat tissues ideal for those who are in a hurry. The infrared radiations go until 7cm deep through the tissues and are totally harmless. They lead to a loss of stored fat on targeted areas; -1cm per session of 30 minutes.

4 to 5 sessions are enough to see results:
  • Better skin aspect
  • Number of centimeters lost
  • Cellulite elimination

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Shock waves

The shockwave therapy reduces fat cells volume and facilitates the cellulite elimination by breaking fat tissues fibers.

After 4 to 6 sessions, results are noticeable:
  • On the silhouette with a shape transformation for targeted areas.
  • On the skin with a reduction of dimpled appearance, decongestion, stretch marks attenuation, and best skin quality.
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Skin rolling

A shock treatment against cellulite: the brand new skin rolling device that beats cellu-M6 for its results and simple use against fat excess.

The dimpled appearance fades from the first sessions This deep massage has a stimulating effect on elastic fibers and the skin quickly regains its firmness by releasing toxins.

The process of eliminating cellulite can be greatly accelerated by the simultaneous use of mechanical skin rolling equipments and electrostimulation.

These two techniques used together can lead to significant results after only 15 days of treatment.

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An average of 600 abdominal movements recorded for a 30 minutes session and the equivalent of a 3h workout without any effort.

Initially used by athletes, the electrostimulation method allows you to gain muscle without requiring any efforts.

The process helps you to precisely stimulate some muscle groups to obtain a faster muscle growth.

Our team places the electrodes very carefully in order to reproduce accurately the muscle contraction ordered by the brain.

Build your muscles, tone-up your thighs, gluteal and core without getting tired or stiff.

ATone your bust and gain a cup size.

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A healthy diet and a good oxygenation optimize results and also make them last: see our Nutrition advices..

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