The Elite Fitness Sauna

Infrared Sauna: warm your body deeply
Infrared Sauna: warm your body deeply
LThe soft warmth of the infrared sauna allows a deep sweat and an body cleanse
This sweat is composed of 80% of water and 20% of fat, toxins, noxious substances (cholesterol, fatty acids, lactic acid...) and traces of heavy metals.

A session of Elite Sauna represents an energetic expenditure higher than 600 Kcal, the equivalent of a 1h hour workout such as biking or swimming.

After a Sauna session all your body rebalances itself

Stimulation of the metabolism
mprovement of the blood flow
Activation of the cardiovascular system
Drainage and elimination of toxins
Improvement of the sleep quality
Reduction of stress and chronicle fatigue signs
Strengthening of the immune system
Relief of muscular and articular aches (thanks to the infrared warmth effects)
Faster recovery after a physical effort
Improvement of the skin quality (purification, glare, firming up and rejuvenation)
Fat destocking
Reduction of the dimpled appearance
Reduction of the water retention

You will obtain significant results on your weight, hips, thighs and waist size.

To compare, the superficial sweat that is caused by a traditional sauna or hammam is composed of 97% of water.